So guilty!

It has been a whole 18 months since my last blog post – SO sorry! And let me just tell you, it’s been nuts but oh, so, GREAT.  Let me update ya a little bit here. 🙂

Update #1: We sold our home and bought another one.
Going through the process of selling and purchasing ourselves gave me a good reminder of how it is to be the client again – how old it gets spending evenings and weekends visiting homes and how emotionally draining it can get, which affirms me how important it is as a Realtor®, we must know the market and what is offered to simplify the process for our clients and eliminate the definite no’s of certain areas, subdivisions, floor plans, etc.  Because really, who has time for that?

And as for selling our home, preparation in getting the home on the market is some serious work, especially when you have children, pregnant, busy with a full time job and/or other life demands. And for that, I have changed what I offer in my listing agreements to make that preparation process more bearable and enjoyable for you.

Let me just tell you from my personal experience, we made good money from selling our home (highest $/square feet in the subdivision along with selling it more than what we purchased it for – YEA!) and when we purchased our home 6 months ago, it has already increased in value by 10% in $/square feet. It truly is an excellent time to buy and sell in Houston and surrounding areas because you are benefiting on both ends!  We honestly did not plan to upgrade our home 3-4 years from now, but God had different plans…because we were expecting…

Update #2: TWINS, yes, TWO BABIES.  At the SAME.  TIME.
A total game changer!  We even traded our BMW 5-series for a minivan – a Honda Odyssey!  Our twin boys were welcomed to this world on August 6, 2014 and it has been an amazing ride.  They are exactly 2 months old today, sleep 3-6 hour stretches and as cuddly as can be.

Update #3: Sons and Daughters Realty LLC – Pearland Branch
Along with that, we are proud to announce a new Sons and Daughters Realty LLC branch in Pearland, TX.

11601 Shadow Creek Parkway Suite 111-513
Pearland, TX 77584

As I have moved to the wonderful master planned community of Shadow Creek Ranch in Pearland, TX, we wish to also serve this community and the many other subdivisions surrounding it in representing people like you buy, sell and lease homes!  Both Houston and Pearland branches are by appointment only – many of us agents are simply out on the field with our clients most of the day.

All in all, I am officially back to work – SO good to be back doing what I absolutely LOVE by the way!  I definitely want to thank the SDR Team, David Tran, Brian Nguyen and Latoya Mack for holding down the fort and taking care of my clients while I was out delivering and taking care of my babies.  You guys are awesome!!  Now that I am officially back-back, feel free to call/text me at (832)721-8193 if you’ve been thinking of buying, selling and/or leasing a home or know someone who does – I would sincerely appreciate the referral and love to be your/their Realtor®.  I’m ready, bring it on and I look forward to working with you! 🙂