Resurrection Day is tomorrow. That wasn’t the BIG thing that I have been talking about, but it is definitely a BIG thing.  Knowing, accepting and receiving this info below changed my life, for the better.  Actually, not the better…but the best.  Thank. You. Jesus.

Yesterday, on Good Friday, God the Father and His Son, Jesus Christ proved His great love for us. God the Father sacrificed His Son, Jesus Christ, as the atonement for our sins, so that we may have relationship with Him and eternal life.*

Tomorrow, on Resurrection Day, God the Father and His Son, Jesus Christ proved that He is the Almighty.  As Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins, He rose for the dead three days later – He conquered death.

Wait a few more days and I will tell you about the Holy Spirit.  It all gets even better. 🙂

There are many things we can take away from this. 
1. Do we accept and receive His great love for us?
2. How sacrificial is our love to God and to others?
3. What difficulty or struggle are you going through?  Be reminded that through God, you can conquer it, for through God, Jesus Christ conquered death.

Be encouraged and reminded of God’s great love for you. If you would like to join me for Resurrection Day service tomorrow at 11AM at my church, Vietnamese Baptist Church, 6100 Ridgemont St, Houston, TX 77087, you are more than welcome to.  I would actually love it. 🙂  Hopefully, I’ll see you tomorrow!  God bless you and remember — He surely does love you.