Hi there Blog Friends,

As I have mentioned before, something Big is coming.  That Big thing is Sons and Daughters Realty (SDR).  I am taking a leap of faith and leaving my full-time career as the Vice President of my family business, King Solomon Service Agency, Inc. and my Broker Associate position with Century 21 Southwest, to open up my own real estate company, Sons and Daughters Realty in the Medical Center.

I am hoping that my passion for representing individuals like you in the purchase, sale or lease of your home, combined with my management and marketing education from University of Houston and my business development, organizational management, marketing and accounting experience from King Solomon Service Agency, Inc., will set me up to build a successful real estate brokerage and making many people very happy.

My desire is that you take a walk on this journey with me.   April 26th, 2012 would be my last day at King Solomon and April 27th, 2012 will be my first day as your full-time Broker/Owner of Sons and Daughters Realty.  May 12th, 2012 is when we will debut SDR’s office space to the public and I want to invite you.  Yes, don’t look around, you. 🙂  If you are interested, please email me at info@SDRSells.com to let me know you would love to join and an evite with all the details will be sent to you shortly.

Thank you so much for all your support, love and care!  More new news about SDR coming soon. 🙂

Gina Tran
Broker/Owner of Sons and Daughters Realty