Newport Bridge Single Family Home

Do y’all (yes, I am from Texas!) remember this beautiful home?

In 113 days, after 52 showings to 45 different families , five offers, three open houses, the seller decided to rent out the home for two years at a lease price of 39.1% MORE than the going market rate.

It is important that your REALTOR® understands the market conditions, communicates it to you and that you as the client accepts the reality of it.  In this case, it is still a buyer’s market, meaning buyers have the upper hand and sellers do not.  It is also a landlord’s market right now where the landlord has the upper hand and the renters do not.  In other words, buyers are still getting great deals, sellers are not and landlords are getting great deals and renters are not.

Check out this great MSN video – Rents Rise as Home Values Fall.

As you can see from the short video, it’s happening across the nation.  But in my client’s situation, we did not get just 5.1%, 6.1% or even 11% more, we got 39.1% more. 39.1% more than the going, market, rate.  And after two years we hope the home values do rise again to sell my client’s home at a better and greater price.

REALTORS®, our job is to:

  1. Market the home – maximize every marketing opportunity
  2. Get as many potential buyers walking into the home as possible – if a buyer or an agent wants to see the home, be accessible and make it easy for them!
  3. Get as many offers as possible – follow-up, don’t let any opportunity walk away
  4. Present all options to your clients along with your expert and experienced recommendation
  5. Allow your client to decide what is best for them and their family, even when the decision is not in your favor.  It’s all about the client and for the client.

That’s my style and that’s how I roll.

Sellers, what has your listing agent done for you?
Buyers, it’s still a great time to buy.
Renters, as rent rates are on a rise, you will be paying more for a place to live, perhaps consider buying.

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