Ready to buy?  I will be glad to help.

Step 1: Get a Loan Approved
The first and most important step in the home buying process is getting a pre-approved.  And because this step is so crucial, it inevitably produces a flurry of questions.  I have a select group of lenders whom I use and whom I trust and would be happy to get you in touch with the right one for the job.  Simply click “Contact Me” and email me with your name, address and phone number.  You will receive a timely, courteous response from one of my preferred lenders.

Step 2:  Find Out How Much You Can Afford Monthly
Use this Mortgage Calculator to calculate how much it would cost for a home at different sale prices.

There are 4-5 main expenses when purchasing a home, PITI is the acronym us REALTORS® use. 🙂  Principle of Loan, Interest of Loan, Tax and Insurance and then, HOA/Maintenance fees, if any.  The Mortgage Calculator calculates Principle of Loan and Interest of Loan and helps you get started in your preliminary search.

Step 3: Find Your Perfect Home
This link will help you find your perfect home.

Throughout the time of the above steps, you can hire a REALTOR® at any time to help you through the process.  If you choose me as your REALTOR®, I guarantee the following to you as a buyer.

+ I guarantee that I will act in your best interest.
+ I guarantee unfailing loyalty and complete confidentiality.
+ I guarantee guidance in securing competitive financing.
+ I guarantee timely responses to phone and email inquiries from you.
+ I guarantee a detailed and comprehensive explanation of all documents, terms, and procedures.
+ I guarantee that I will educate you on the importance and purpose of a home inspection.
+ I guarantee that you will benefit from my Accredited Buyer Representative (ABR) designation.
+ I guarantee that you will benefit from my Certified Negotiation Expert (CNE) designation
+ I guarantee that you will buy a home that you love at the lowest price possible!

Contact me anytime and I will be delighted to help you find a place you can proudly call home!


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