Let’s be honest, renting is not the American Dream.

However, if you fit in any of the following statements, then renting is mostly likely where you need to be.  Not to worry, work on it and you will come to a time where you will be ready to purchase your first home.

__  I do not know where I will live in the next 3-5 years.
__  I do not have a stable income that I can rely on having for the next 5 years.
__  I do not have much in savings for a down payment.
__  I do not have an emergency fund set aside.
__  My credit is not so good, but I’m working on it.

If you do not fit in any of the statements above, look into the American Dream and become a homeowner.  Don’t be afraid of the change; it’s a smart, smart choice!

When owning a home you have:
+ Smart Long-Term Investment
+ Great Tax Benefits
+ More Storage Space
+ Room to Grow
+ Your Own Backyard
+ Safe Neighborhood Living
+ Great for the Kids
+ Great for Pets, No Monthly Pet Fees
+ You Choose the Colors of Your Walls
+ Multiple Floor Plan Choices
+ American Dream

Contact me anytime and I will be glad to consult with you further!


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